About the Rosaries:

Rosaries are wonderful gifts to give and can be functional works of art.  People gift and use them for multiple occasions: Births, Baptisms, Communions, Wedding Bouquets, New Cars, Funerals, or to Bring Someone Comfort, just to name a few.  

The rosaries are handcrafted with a variety of metals and bead types to meet everyone’s interest and price point.  The prices are reflective as to whether semi-precious stones, glass and/or metals were used.  Each rosary is unique, one of a kind and named.  The details of the size, cost, and materials used are under each Rosary, labeled Details.  The beads are purposefully chosen and represent an intention which is found in the Description section below each rosary.  

First Communion

United in Prayer

Donut Glazed Prayers

Golden Sacrament

Silent Nite Padre Pio

Mosaic Love

Burning Heart

Angelic Hematite Cups

Blue Jean Stream

Parting Waters


"I do!" - MaryAnn CW

Crystal Clear Connection

Byzantine: Mother & Child

Balanced Forces

Crystal Green Field

Ultra-Violet Light

Simple Attraction

All rosary materials are purchased and advertised based on supplier descriptions.